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What have you learned today?

Prince Myshkin

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at the pub, in deep philosophical discussion i learned that one of the main things i contribute and will be remembered for amongst my friends is getting them into at least one musical artist whom they love. my introduction to these people has already lead to three tattoos by three separate people (not that i personally like tattoos) and people knowing of me who i have never met, simply referring to me as the music guy.


i also learned that having affected these people in that way, should i died i would be happy enough with the (albeit modest) ripples i have created amongst the people i know.

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it's mainly from ppl. i've learned that ppl will do things to surprise you. for example, someone who i thought was a very good person & would never do anything bad or hurt someone actually did something bad. then i learned that about more & more ppl. at the same time, someone i thought who was cold hearted actually did something nice. this shocked me at first, but w/ all the crazy stuff happening in the world i really shouldn't be surprised by ppl. it's just human nature to do good & bad

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i think it's all down to they way set themselves up for perception. people who are capable of the worst things tend to be aware of that themselves and so hide it from others who don't know them as well in a way to attract them as a friend (otherwise they would have no friends). then there are others who don't put effort into being false and therefore can come across as unfriendly in the majority of situations but could pull through for you in times you wouldn't expect. they are both extremities of course, the majority of people are easily read.

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I learned that for the next few Saturdays or something the space network is going to play all the Doctor Who Christmas specials with David Tennant.



I'm curious as to how we're gonna finish the series with Matt Smith if this is happening.

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I'm wondering how long it will take for me to get actually legit obsessed with Doctor Who.


You guys ain't seen nothin' yet. :blank:


I don't know if you would like it. :thinking:


I knew Greg would say that. :lol:

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