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LeBron James Fiasco

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WAIT. When did Stoudemire leave the Suns?! </3

I haven't been keeping up.


I know :( Now what?


Ruined his chance of being "one of the greatest" which is what he wanted from his career, he had a chance to take a team to a title, be a leader, but he's blown it and joined the NBA equivalent of Real Madrid.




@Obvious Alias. Oh dear, he really did say that.

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And with that, Miami just became the ultimate love-them-or-hate-them team. My money's on them eventually winning a championship, but not this next year. You can't just slap pieces together and expect miracles. They need time to adjust, especially since James, Wade and Bosh are all used to being 25+ point scorers. Someone - if not all three - will have to sacrifice.


But yeah, the city of Cleveland is understandably upset. Personally, I'm just glad this LeBron fiasco is finally over. Now I can go back to not caring about sports news until next season.

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I'm kind of annoyed at people calling LeBron selfish and all that stuff. He was a free agent and has the right to decide where to play. Lots of people have fought long and hard hours with players associations to ensure that players get treated like royalty.

Sure it may be sickening how much people get paid for sports/entertainment, but still there was a time when lots of athletes were just taken advantage of. It is nice athletes now have the ability to chose what to do with their careers.

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