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Dear Drinkers

Prince Myshkin

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i've never drank before & i never understood why ppl do it.


but this is so ironic b/c just last night i had a dream that my mom got so depressed & bought voldka & asked me to make her a drink. i mixed the voldka, a corn on the cob, & strawberries in the blender, then we drank, together. i t tasted pretty good, but i didn't really feel drunk. it was weird b/c it was one of those dreams that seemed so realistic & i truly thought it was real life. but my mom would never drink either, so that's why is just so weird!

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really, why do i need that type of experience? my life isn't so utterly depressing that i can only have fun when i'm inebriated. i can go out & make friends & be wild & crazy while getting high off of life :)


just because there are certain things i would try once. you don't have to be depressed to drink



but anyway, obviously don't do something you don't want to

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You're missing the point quite severely with that attitude.


It's like saying "My life isn't so utterly depressing that I can only have fun when watching a film" it's ridiculous, it's just something people do together.


but watching a film won't give me a raging hangover, won't impair my judgement, & won't make me do anything that i'll regret later. there are other things i can do w/ ppl that i can actually have memories of doing w/ them!


lol, i often have wondered what i would be like drunk, though

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Question Dear drinkers...

A thought occurred to me today in that for the last 7 years of drinking alcohol I cannot remember the last time I drank for the love of drinking rather than the necessity of getting from sober to pissed.


I'm don't think its just me either, I think its the lifestyle drinkers have become accustomed to - higher booze prices, costs of wear, tear and repairs to the liver, less hours in the day to drink for no reason, queue's at the off license etc etc.


When was the last time you had a drink just because? Do you only drink because you need to? Has the enjoyment of drinking for drinking's sake gone?



(sorry guys, had to make my first parody thread and it seemed apt since i'm hungover)

Dude, don't copy the same format that Ian did. Be original, the same thing goes for Wherwherfuck.

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