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ha which would you sacrifice?


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i wouldn't want to do either, but if i was in some kind of freak accident i'd rather have my hand cut off. i guess i could always use the other one.

there is absolutely no way i could deal with being blind.

that would majorly suck!!

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Ha, i thought i was the only one who thought about this kind of stuff... Like... cutting off both legs or both hands? stuff like that. and everytime i try to ask this stuff to ppl they never answer me. it's so annoying. :angry: :rolleyes:


But yeah, this one is easy. cut my hands off. no doubt about it.

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Being blind because what could you loose? I've seen everything I wanted so far (and many thing I didn't wanted to) so being blind would help me to "see" (perceive) things in a different way............ besides it's a nice game! (haven't you play to be blind for one day?).............instead, cutting my hand will unable me of so many things!

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