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Listen to Yossarian's new song!

Luka Modric

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I listened to the first song... I enjoyed it!


What do you use to make your drum beats?



Also be sure to post your stuff in this thread if you want http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=67122

It's a thread meant to compile all personal music projects by coldplaying members


Ta! :D


Yossarian uses a variety of software, depending on the song. Usually Reason, Ableton or FL Studio. He uses an Akai MPK25 for all of his inputs, though he quite fancies getting himself a set of MPC pads too, when he can afford it.


And I will do just that, dank uh vell!

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Wow that's pretty good! :D


I want to hear Yossarian sing. :whip:


Yossarian's equipment = Rickenbacker 330, Akai MPK25 and a Tanglewood acoustic. He can sing like an angel, but right now he is lacking a good mic so is not doing any of his own vocals for the time being.

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This is pretty good, I like my minimal techno to be more minimal, but I really enjoyed it and listened to it like I would any good min tech artist. It's not quite "Put it on my playlist" but the thought did cross my mind, I know that a lot of people would.

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