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Which member of Coldplaying.com annoys you the most?


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Haha, the irony is that he bumped it to say he's "honoured" for not being included, but it's got nothing to do with leaving out popular or adored people on here (everyones on there), he wasn't included because before THE EVENT most of the small number of people who actually knew who dfit was were very irritated by him, the rest didn't care.


The thread starters clearly the latter.

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Let's not forget Lyvie who should be hailed as the only person to not get picked.


I'm pretty surprised (pleasantly) that I only got a few seeing as I can randomly abuse people I don't know in a very unreasonable fashion.

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That must suck.


I love how Mark has more votes then fangirls! Haha the 'fangirl' option was probably there so we can universally agree that we hate them but not individually get personal with anyone, but Mark still got more! LOLOLO

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