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Which member of Coldplaying.com annoys you the most?


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Oh nice response, and again, are you surprised you look like a total fucking **** on here sometimes?


This reply just illustrates the point.


I'm not surprised, and I replied.


Nice one Josh. I appreciate the fact that I'm not included in this list, but that's probably because I'm just completely forgotten.


Yea, I didn't know you came here anymore.

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Yea, I didn't know you came here anymore.

I'm always stalking, Joshua. And I might start posting a bit more too, I miss this board.


That's cuz your so loved :lips:

Well thank you, person with an awesome username. :lips:


me too

i bet at least one person dislikes me

I fucking hate you, Fatima. Oh, by the way, you're my number one musical soulmate according to Last.fm.

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