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Coldplay Join Jay-Z For New Year's Gig 2010 (CONFIRMED!)


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Jimmy, earlier I forgot to say thank you for review, it was great!


We finally got to Vegas and at check-in, it was pretty evident I was one of the only people there for the music, or more specifically, Coldplay.
:\ That's kind of sad.


The true fans were the people lined up right in front of the stage, everyone else was mingling and socializing in the middle of the ballroom or walking around. They didn't seem too concerned with getting a good area to stand in.
Again, that's kind of sad that so many people weren't very interested.


Before waiting I was trying to get Miller's attention, so I had a group of us scream out his name, which he ignored every time.
From reading McGinn's Roadie book, it sounds like they don't really like it when people do that, so that might be why Miller ignored it, not to mention they're really focused on getting things right during set-up.


There were about 10 of us in the front row singing along at the top of our lungs and having a good time. Everyone else was pretty stiff and staring at them like they were at the movie theatre watching a film. Over time people loosened up when the more popular songs were played. As I've said before, the guys seemed a bit nervous.
Yeah, they're used to more people being excited. Chris always seems to make sure everyone in the crowd is into it and having a good time, so most of this crowd sounds out of place compared to what they're used to. Unfortunate.


After they got off the stage and Jay-Z's crew began to move in, I was looking around at the confetti that had dropped during LiJ. Most of the butterflies had landed in the middle of the ballroom so I was trying to find one up in front of the stage.
Whoa, I thought the butterfly confetti was no more? Maybe they just had a few leftovers and were saving it specifically for this commercial event.
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Cheers, Jimmy!...for the much-anticipated detailed review!


It is a mystery indeed tho :thinking: why Chris might have had that stern look in your pics...can't imagine him recognizing you as some 'crazy fan' or whatever. I would think they can't make out the faces of fans during concerts anyhow...more just a sea of people or darkness cuz of the lights hitting their eyes. So I can't see how he might have remembered you as 'the crazy fan' from previous gigs and decidedly avoided you. But glad you belted it out anyhow and had a smashing night nonetheless :)


I do feel bad for the boys tho :( that this crowd didn't given them the well-deserved crazy, warm, familiar welcoming. Even after the Homecoming song, I noticed how JayZ was telling the crowd 'that was a one-off, present for you all' type message...but it seemed the crowd clearly didn't get just "HOW mind-boggingly once-in-lifetime" it was to see all three of them do this song on stage LIVE!...so perhaps anything supposedly 'out of character' that the band or whoever seemed to show was just a reflection of this slightly odd lot that were invited to this gig?


And I agree with others that probably whatever 'weirdness' in Chris's eyes or behaviour on the side stages was just his usual crazy enthusiast self...especially during Homecoming given he's on stage with two artists he REALLY REALLY admires, sure he was having a bit of a starstruck moment :P...and didn't know what to do with himself...and also felt out of control that it wasn't rehearsed. And even IF he did have a drink backstage after their gig...I reckon it was nothing more than a glass of champagne with the band or GP...I mean it is New Years Eve, no? ;)...and for people who rarely drink, even a little sip can really turn your face warm and eyes bleary ;P ( yours truly much included :laugh3:) ...so it could've been the same for Chris.


Dead jealous of the great view you had!...surprising to see only about 10 real fans of Coldplay but least you got an AMAZING spot! I would have felt more intimate with the band too. I like JayZ a lot as well...I've met him for a tv show I'd worked at and he really was a very down to earth, nice guy :)


And was so nice of you to offer that extra ticket out on Twitter!...I'm sure you totally made the New Year for the person who found you!

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Thank You for the awesome reviews and stories Jimmy! I wish I could have been in there rocking out with you instead of outside so Coldplay could have seen that there were more true fans who wanted to really see and enjoy their amazing music! :D Looks like you had such a great time. :) I have a question for you though. There was a song early in Coldplay's set that I did not recognize at all. I'm pretty sure it's not a Coldplay song because I obviously would have recognized it, unless it's new? Anyways, it was way earlier before Jay-Z came out. Do you know what song I am talking about and did you recognize it?

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Whoa, I thought the butterfly confetti was no more? Maybe they just had a few leftovers and were saving it specifically for this commercial event.


I thought they were never going to use it again either, but when I saw that they did have it, it kind of brought back hope to me that maybe they are going to use it on the next tour!???:thinking:

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Has this been posted here already?? :thinking:








Jay-Z & Coldplay Meet & Greet NYE 2011


December 31st, 2010


Only way to Kick off the New Year was to be celebrating it in Las Vegas. But what you really could have done to top it off was get a special invite to the Jay-Z and Coldplay concert at the Cosmopolitan. Fortunately I did just that. Some friends and I got to meet Jay-Z and Coldplay prior to their stellar performance. Man of the hour (Jigga man) finally stepped into the suite and asked us all why we were so quiet, like he stepped into a funeral. I thought to myself…umm do you know who you are? Sorry that was a very star struck moment I can admit to. He gladly shook all our hands with his soft touch, and untouchable swag. Soon after we all headed to the concert, where it was very intimate and full of love for JAY. There had been talk for weeks prior to the concert that the surprise guests were going to be Kanye West and Beyonce. Well that rumor got put to rest as soon as Beyonce indeed and Kanye got on stage and performed with Jay-Z.


Coldplay was the perfect band to put together for the NYE mash up with Jay-Z. John Mayer got on stage and played his electric guitar with the band….way cool. P.S. It was super cute to watch Gwyneth Paltrow sing and dance behind us while watching her hubby, front runner of the band Chris Martin. Many celeb sightings all night just from bathroom breaks with: Rihanna, Blake Lively, Florence from Florence and the Machine, Jackie the pretty lesbian trainer on the Bravo, Hammer from Social Network, Cameron Diaz, A-Rod, and lots more. 2011…BOOM!

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