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How Guy got into Coldplay


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I'm not sure if this is on the forum already but...I read on an article online that Guy was in a bar and he was drunk and he somehow heard rough versions of Chris's songs and he went up to Chris and Jonny (they were in the bar too) and demanded to be in the band. Is this true? either yes or no its funny.

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Now this is my favorite part of the piano. This is what you see when you remove the top lid.

Chris clearly marked his territory inside the piano.









[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJG-V17nij8&feature=related]YouTube - Coldplay - Violet Hill(Official Video 2008)[/ame]


bah cute Chris will not surrender see jealousy for one day or throw the hammer at his friends :\

love someone is incomprehensible .

but when people are famous they can choose everything in life and make it better.


H.S me I can love with sincerity and heart but I know when I'm so jealous because I'm crazy about someone but so much to hurt the person me I love.



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I remember him saying that after he heard the lyrics "It was a long and dark december, from the rooftops I rememember..." That's when he wanted to join. I think he was drunk and in a bar and demanded to join though, too.


i think thats like the coolest way to get into a band

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