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The 'Made in Portugal' thread!


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Heeeey everyone!


Here's a thread in the name of the portuguese coldplay fans to spread the music scene of our little western country.

Our music might be quite different from the british one or the american stuff. We don't have worldwide unforgettable songs and bands (still), or stuff like U2, Coldplay.... simply cause we're so into the international music scene that we forget there are good artists here that deserve some support to go futher on their careers and to be known :)


In my personal opinion, the most beautiful songs we have here are sung in portuguese, a language that is sometimes really hard to translate its meaning. Anyways, not because it's MY language :wacky:, the sound of it is still beautiful even if you don't understand...... a bit like Sigur Ros :)


this one is from one of blue_girl's fave artist........ Rita Redshoes' Captain of My Soul (I have this song stuck in my head, it's your faaaault) :bomb:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfMWQWe5ebA]YouTube - Rita Redshoes - Captain Of My Soul[/ame]

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Ooh good Adriana :D


Everything you wrote is true! its hard to explain but you make it :)


Portuguese music is not only Fado, probably people will reconigse Marisa or maybe Amalia Rodrigues.. we have more artists besides that


Rita Redshoes :heart: hehe that song is incredible!


Lately i´ve been listening Linda Martini, i think we can say they are the indie portuguese band.. and they do it in portuguese!


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmilHDsB_5E]YouTube - Linda Martini - Amor Combate[/ame]

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Ohhhh 'Alegre casinha" in RiR smashed everything! Loved it :heart:


Don't ask what you gotta post here, this is OUR thread, so you can post absolutelly anything as long as it is made in portugal :)


I'd love to see non-portuguese people seeing this thread and getting to know bands like Xutos :bigcry: they'll show up sooner or later, i'm sure :nice:

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