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school tomorrow how gay is that


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school....well i have one thing to look forward to. volleyball practise! whoo hoo! :D and no homework due tomorrow! all i have to do is a bit of studying tonight.

ahh what a great weekend. almost homework free. just a bit of math. and i don't count reading as work. i read about 3 hours more than i was supposed to this weekend. but that doesn't matter. :D

then halloween is at the end of the week! ahh nice. i actually have a pretty good week ahead of me. :)

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school was actually pretty fun today! i got miss english (my worst class ever!) to watch an assembly about bullying. it was so hilarious! the actors started to sing in the beginning and the guy sang really, so i was laughing a lot. when they finished, everyone was quite and all you could hear we me laughing my head off.

They made us get involved in the scenes! they acutally pulled us out of the audience and do some improving. it was funny watching the other students do their stuff.

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