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Acoustic versions that are better than recordings.


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I'm just listening to them on shuffle at the moment in iTunes, and the acoustic

version of 'Lovers in Japan' came on and it got me to wondering about that rarity

where a raw and stripped down version of a song is better than the album version,

another one that instantly springs to mind is the 'Swallowed in the Sea' acoustic

version, which blows my mind everytime I listen to it!


what are your favourites?

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Oh, the acoustic version of Lovers in Japan is definitely way better than the album version. I dunno, but it just sounds sweeter. Some songs on Viva la Vida sound perfect the way they are, but I can't get over the fact that some songs sound waaaay to overproduced. I miss those types of Coldplay songs that are more imperfect, where you can here the tiny little flaws that make the songs even more special. These days you only get those in their acoustic or live versions of songs...

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i like all their accoustics)

i haven't heard anything about lovers in japan in accoustic..just listened a couple of days ago wow!! it's so fantastic)) i began to like lovers in japan much more haha)

BTW what is the difference between original song and Osaka Sun Mix?? i dont feel any difference...

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