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Vinyl Collectors?


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I have Contra and Michigan and that's all.

I want more though LOTS MORE


I collect 7". Singles/Ep's. Probably because no one buys them here, and they're A LOT cheaper :P

As for 12 inches I don't have many. Parachutes - Coldplay is probably my favourite. But I also have The Beatles Live At The Hollywood Bowl :surprised


I have collected some vinyl records. I have all of Radiohead's album, as well as a few singles by them. I also have Merriweather Post Pavillion-AC, Teen Dream-Beach House, Oracular Spectacular-MGMT. I know there's a few more, i just can't remember.


I love all of these records. I wish I had a record store closer to where I live but there isn't so I have to buy most of it online. I currently aspiring to get some more radiohead, maybe ok computer next, then some sufjan stevens cause Illinois would sound amazing, then maybe some bon iver, wilco, bright eyes, grizzly bear, animal collective, all of which I think would sound incredible. Im also on the hunt for some rarer pieces such as Tame Impala's innerspeaker and All's Well That Ends Ep by Los Campesinos.

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My favorite that I own is my Blur's Fool's Day single. Only a few were made and then Damon signed it for me so it's super lovely and really rare now :wacky::wacky:


My mom gave me some of her old Doors and Beatles vinyls too and I know she got me The Good The Bad and the Queen and an original 1994 Parklife vinyl for Christmas too

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