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12 Coldplay Months of 2010: JANUARY (12 highest bidding Coldplayers take home nostalgia)


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Right...so, the end of the decade meant house cleaning for Coldplay, and for a few lucky (and wealthy? :P) Coldplayers, it meant taking home pieces of that memorabilia. Also, by month's end, we watched the boys become immortalized in yellow animation in the much anticipated appearance on The Simpsons. All the while, sending a message of hope to a quake-ridden Haiti.

Soldiering on...




Coldplayers spend over on £70,000 ($120,000) on End-of-Decade Clearout Sale




If you recall, last December Coldplay held an auction to sell 10 years worth of their most treasured nostalgia and instruments, with all proceeds going to the charity Kids Company.


Dedicated Coldplayers ponied up some serious cash, with the TOP TWELVE (hey, i had to incorporate the number 12 somehow, right? :rolleyes:) highest bidding auction winners taking home the following:


1-Jonny's Viva Guitar - Jason-DeBord - £15,000 ($23,578.50)


2-Parachutes Globe - NumbersGirl - £8,100 ($12,732.40)


3-Strawberry Swing Outfit - lo&loud - £6,100 ($9,588.60)


4- Takamine Guitar - lo&loud - £5,800 ($9,117.00)


5-Chris' Gibson J200 "A Message" - bonedaddy - £5,650 ($8,881.20)


6- Guy's Viva Jacket - Afeather - £4,800 ($7,545.12)


7-Chris' Yamaha CP70 - christopher Martin - £4,000 ($6,287.60)


8-Autoharp - silver.lining42 - £3,600 ($5,658.84)


9-Jonny's Fender Thinline Telecaster - Texasluvsjonny - £3,500 ($5,501.65)


10-Fender Rhodes piano - lo&loud - £2,505 ($3,937.60)


11-Will's Drum from "Talk" video - lo&loud - £1,850 ($2,908.00)


12-Yellow Lith #1 - DriftedFar^ - £1,021.83 ($1,606.20)


The full list of winning Colplayers can be found here with a grand total of £70,000 ($120,000).

Congrats, guys. You are now the proud owners of history. Cherish it!




Chris attends premiere of Sex, Drugs and Rock n' Roll






Chris was spotted at the premiere of Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, a film by his college pal and the director of such Coldplay videos like Bigger Stronger and Lovers in Japan, Mat Whitecross.


The film is a biography of Ian Dury who was stricken with polio at a young age and defied expectations by becoming one of the founder of the punk-rock scene in Britain in the 1970s.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMKjx8ilLCY]YouTube - Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll Trailer - In UK Cinemas January 8th[/ame]




Coldplay Stamp Released by Royal Mail




The Royal Mail issues a special collection of album cover inspired 1st class postal stamps, including Coldplay's AROBTTH artwork.




Coldplay among Twitter's top 5 most followed celebs




Coldplay cracked the top 5 spot of most followed celebrity tweeters, beating out powerhouse contenders Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift.


# 01 Britney Spears = 4,163,073 followers

# 02 John Mayer = 2,891,612 followers

# 03 Ashley Tisdale = 2,540,356 followers

# 04 P.Diddy = 2,402,167 followers

# 05 Coldplay = 2,394,456 followers




Chris joins OXFAM Appeal for Haiti Earthquake Victims






Chris Martin and Glastonbury festival organiser Emily Eavis urged people to donate to Oxfam's appeal for eathquake victims in Haiti, which was launched in reaction to the deadly quake that struck the country on January 12.


I visited Haiti with Oxfam a few years ago. It's a country of extreme poverty and brutal living conditions. Most people in Port-au-Prince live in tin shacks. The earthquake that has struck Haiti will have turned the city into an unimaginable hell. The people of Haiti will be desperate for help and assistance. You can make a donation towards Oxfam's Haiti Earthquake Appeal at the following website:






Chris' signed Viva jacket auctioned for OXFAM/Haiti






Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys and Damon Albarn were among the British music stars who have contributed to an online auction to raise funds for Oxfam's emergency response to the earthquake in Haiti.


Chris' Viva La Vida tour jacket -- signed by the band -- was up for grabs. It also noted that the jacket is different to the one that was sold last year in the band's clearout sale. The auction ended February 2.




Coldplay perform "A Message 2010" at Hope For Haiti Telethon








Coldplay, accompanied by Viva violinist Davide Rossi, performed a stunningly beautiful unplugged version of A Message, and Chris performed an equally stunning rendition of Halo with Beyonce at the London studios of the Haiti telethon in Covent Garden for the victims of the Haiti earthquake.


Other musical performances included Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, and Madonna. In addition to to London, the event was also broadcast from Los Angeles and New York, and was the most widely distributed telethon in history.


click here for HD downloads of performances and extras :)


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KGfCUL-y_o]YouTube - Coldplay - HOPE FOR HAITI - A Message.mp4[/ame]


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNcXqw8CIGc]YouTube - Chris Martin & Coldplay rehearsing-practicing Beyonce's Halo @ Hope For Haiti Concert[/ame]


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1h-WdWI-_c&feature=related]YouTube - Beyonce Halo Ft Coldplay Christmas Lights Live BREATHTAKING Music Video Why Don't You Love Me Lyrics[/ame]




Coldplay appear on The Simpsons






The episode, entitled 'Million Dollar Maybe,' sees Coldplay performing for Homer and Bart in their own private stadium, after Homer hires the band to play for them after winning the lottery. Homer turns down the chance to play tambourine, while the show is halted so Bart can use the lavatory during the title track from Coldplay's 'Viva La Vida' album.


Check out behind-the-scenes footage of Chris practicing his lines with Homer (Dan Castellana) and a short interview with Chris explaining how they came to be in Springfield.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3C8IqsXXQY&NR=1]YouTube - The Simpsons - Guest Voice Chris Martin[/ame]



Here's the final segment that aired:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nousdJV1-B0]YouTube - Cold Play Nos Simpson by Vardizin[/ame]



Life in Technicolor ii featured on Grammy nominee CD







Each year as part of the Grammy Awards tradition, a compilation album featuring the top nominees is released for music fans to savour. Last year's 52nd annual edition of the big awards show was no different, as the 2010 Grammy nominees CD featured some of the top 2010 Grammy nominated artists in the business, including Coldplay's nods for best rock performance for Life In Technicolor ii, while the same track won them a nomination for best short form video.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXSovfzyx28]YouTube - Coldplay - Life In Technicolor ii[/ame]

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2010 was not meant to be a Coldplay year for me. To be honest, I only recently read all the blogs and news on CP.com.. So, thanks for the review and looking forward to reading the remaining 11 ones. :nice:

Still, A message 2010 was something I could NOT miss :D

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Thanks for the review of January 2010. It was so brilliant. :thumbsup:


In particularly I remember Coldplay's A Message 2010 performance and Beyonce's Halo accompanied on piano by Chris - really awesome.


And then I remember the A Rush of Blood to the Head cover on stamps.


Well done! :thumbsup: :D

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haha ya i only got into Coldplay about a year ago too, but what a great year of music its been! as apposed to other people who only got several Coldplay songs over more than a decade, i got 100+ Coldplay songs all at the same time! although i do wish i wouldve listened to them sooner...

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Thanks for the review of January 2010. It was so brilliant. :thumbsup:


In particularly I remember Coldplay's A Message 2010 performance and Beyonce's Halo accompanied on piano by Chris - really awesome.


And then I remember the A Rush of Blood to the Head cover on stamps.


Well done! :thumbsup: :D




endorse everything said here and add Happy New Year to everyone here:kiss:

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