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Bloody Currys


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My bladdy laptop has broke for the fourth time now! I've only had it just over a year and now the warranty has ran out I haven't a clue what to do. I wrote a letter to the big wig of customer service stating how unacceptable it is for something that you pay so much for and expect quality, should break 4 times. NO REPLY. I will be getting down to some serious angry phone calls in the new year. I am a IT and Multimedia student, thus feeling lost without my best friend and obviously need it for coursework :\

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Currys are an absolute joke anyway!! I brought a camera up to them that was still under warranty about 2 months ago...now the warranty is up but I still haven't heard anything from them and I went up to my local store and they said it was still being assessed! STUPID CURRYS!


I think you should listen to David on this one though and get it independently evaluated because it could be just an issue with your kernel or it could be hardware issues



Are you getting anything when you turn it on or it just doesn't turn on at all?

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