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Girls, engagement rings, do you care about the size?


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No really, there is a Claddagh-esque ring that doubles as a goatse ring.




makes me think a ring with no heart, it's very pretty to look at something as superficial, any love and a marriage that ended in the divorce because of money for the couples :thinking:


and I just love drawing and symbol Claddagh for me .

I am the queen of the single I take me heart, because dead yes any love in my reality of life .

and like to watch something that shine but never wear them, maybe because I am alone in the dark of my life .


So... I do not know why I talk, of marriage I will married anybody, not even a poor man in my life want me just for myself

makes me think and I do not want rich men, ex mens in agency dating was richs and wanted just a bitch... :cry:

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