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The King of Limbs, favorite songs first few listen in


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Feral is going to be a tricky song to get into, and probably one that ends up working better within the flow of the album rather than as an individual song. (I feel that way about several Radiohead songs, actually) That and Morning Mr Magpie are the only two I'm not keen on at the moment.

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On first listen I like Separator best, closely followed by the previous three, but is that because I like them best or because they're the only things I could hold on to memories of as the album melted away through my ears.


Such a beautiful album- it just sort of lets you float along through it.


That would be interesting if it is backloaded... usually albums are frontloaded to keep you listening.


Happy now. :nice: That shook me out of a little of my winter blues. :sunny:

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Codex is amazing. Then Lotus Flower, then GUTG.


Thoughts on the other songs below (and a bit of a rant):




Separator is a nice enough closer, and Morning Mr Magpie is cool, sounds like a HTTT song to me.


The rest I find are a bit too busy, though I can hear that they could sound a lot better stripped down and played on real instruments. Feral is completely soulless, and though I don't hate it, it's inclusion is slightly baffling for a short album which shouldn't really have any filler. Wouldn't be so much of an issue if the album had more songs of course.


The best thing about the album is the cohesiveness, it's more flowing than In Rainbows. But that album was quite a lot better IMO, King Of Limbs actually makes me realise how good IR really is. I can't help but think they may have regressed a little, as I was hoping for a continuation of the sound they had formed on the last album (though I hear traces of it here and there). I also have a pet peeve with them which is how they seem to actively meddle with promising songs that they've previewed live first - they take them into the studio, and consequently lose some of their impact (see: All I Need, Videotape), or seemingly are just left off altogether (Present Tense in favour of Feral :inquisitive:). Still love Radiohead, but I think bands such as Arcade Fire have overtaken them for me in terms of quality and anticipation leading up to their releases.


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