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Don't you just love loving bands!


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You got to meet Travis hey? nice stuff. Where did you meet them?


Ok people from bands I would really like to meet...


Bono - would talk at great length about the fly shades and the existance of God

Chris Martin - definately one of the greatest singers of the last decade

Jonny Greenwood - I would like to find out how he gets some of those sounds out of his guitar, and to ask if I could borrow his effects rig for a day or two

The guys from powderfinger - to see if they really are the down to earth aussie blokes they seem to be

Any of the four girls from the Donnas - a private meeting for obvious reasons :wink3:

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Well you see, I have no clue how one meets a band, it's luck pretty much. BUT! After a gig, wait around by the stage door and if they're cool, they'll come out and chat about with you, that's my advice. Oh! and also, find out if the band you like is going to be in town at a radiostation doing an interview, or autograph signing or something like that, that's what I did, and I got to meet Travis 3 times (Hope I helped)


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yeah it's great loving bands! Coldplay, The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and still Radiohead are my current loves!! I'm getting more and more into the Strokes though. I've got both their albums now and I love them!!!!! They are getting me more and more excited about music. I am going to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in concert

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