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I think if we get through the month of May...


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...the buzz is going to start to pick up around the band and new album...optimistically speaking. Im trying to get some good vibes going here!! They start their festival tour in the beginning of June so they will be out in the public eye a lot more and im sure will be getting interviewed a lot and asked about the new album.Maybe even play a new song or two. Along the way with blog updates from Roadie42,studio feeds,magazine interviews,tv appearances,websites speculating,tracklisting,album cover,new website,single release, first single and b-sides,music videos,etc. Of course happening over the span of the coming months.


With what seems to be an "early autumn" release we are a little bit behind with the time table of last album with concrete information. At this time of the year we knew more about Viva than we do of LP5.


But I for one believe that the excitement that we all love to experience that surrounds the release of a new album from Coldplay will pick up very soon.I love this time of the process.The whole anticipation of the album being released is what I love!!We just need to be a little more patient I think and once the news starts I believe it will come fast and before we know it we will have the album!!!

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Getting past May? There are big billboard signs up that say the rapture is on May 21, 2011. Since I don't believe this, I am looking forward to their new CD. Has anyone else seen these signs?


Thats not what I meant lol. I was just referring to getting past the month of May lol.

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