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The hiccups is killing me


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Hold your breath while swallowing water, and keep swallowing and swallowing until the glass is empty, swallow some more then, don't let up for as long as you can, then sit calmly and breath really slowly, relaxed, and easy in an almost trance-like state. Listen to some Pink Floyd Breath in The Air if that helps. Whatever calms you after the repeated swallowing.

..that works for me, but I must stay very cool and calm after the swallowing session, just sitting calm as can be...

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I made an fb status update saying "FUN FACT: have hiccups on a daily basis is fucking annoying"

...on the 6th of May. And I had them for a number of weeks before that.




Thanks for the tips bit they aren't really those hiccups. It isn't one continuous bout of them that I need to stop. It's that they just keep coming back, but it's like just one or two hiccups every couple of hours ( or sometimes like one or two a day)

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I got tablets for them, so hopefully they will work. Well they're tablets for relaxing my stomach and that may have a knock on effect and get rid of them.


I'll keep you updated cause you know, it's just so damn exciting.


was it prescribed to you or you just OTC-ed it?

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