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for the sake of the groupie ?


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Because is written groupie without s and because many people on net say to me I am the groupie number one .

I am not obsessed by the celebrities because not love the snob and luxury and I have any interest in their strange lives.


the poors girls groupies like me are used

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Blur can be a fun band to hang out with, but watch out for bass player Alex James, who likes to beat up women. Lead singer Damon Albarn can be a flirt and we hear he might have bisexual tendencies.



i.......... c :wtf:

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good explanations and warnings for those who venture .



and for my business and I would say much take your tickers. the groupie can not be everywhere at once.

made the beautiful celebrities so stable in your life but do not jump on me with a bad proposal because completely full of alcohol on net . One of the first was my hero fallen the Hoff .

how the Hoff :

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13GjOzqTpBY&feature=related]YouTube - ‪Mew - Interview / Finland PART 2‬‏[/ame]


en discuss here :http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=76613


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How are you used?


obsessed is fanatic and fanatic is problem of personality I'M NOT . but say by the people in my life.


Well I'm a groupie, but not fanatic is the differance. the public personality told me:






for my part because my parents I had to leave the family home because they do not support depressed people, and now I am helpless to live. I just have a appart.







and I hate that poor people like me are used by celebrities too as well.

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I did not put the groupie definition :




The best known of this group were Sable Star, Lori Maddox and Geraldine Edwards, who was the inspiration for Penny Lane in "Almost Famous" .


let me guess who is the groupie but her is famous too is idiot .


plus I can when I want to insult the paparazzis of showbise like a good groupie that celebrities decked me. but "you are a good.... :smartass: b*** writer

Kae Davis "

there are many article that I not support and I see on net.

just a example


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You might have read the definition, still I think you didn't understand the "narrow" definition of what a groupie is.

The word is sometimes used in a wider context to kind of nicely mock a fan.

i.e. "You're such a groupie!"


Or do you want to tell us that you followed some celebrity and had sex with him?

I thought you've never left your tiny village in Switzerland.


Yay, another thread about you.

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and the reality that counts and on net what people tell me in my life and it's groupie.


and you'll be a fan of Coldplay because people say to you in your real life.


and because I say : you are not groupie is importante to be honest.

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Ok...using what 9th grade knowledge I still have left in my system; You're saying that you are a huge fan of some band, but people label you as a groupie. And you're trying to tell us that your not a groupie because of they way they are treated...or the other way around? :confused:

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