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Clocks Single cover art question!! (important!)


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Hi! I've been wanting a tattoo of the cover art from the single Clocks, the thing is... I don't really know what it means! I'll have it regardless of it, I'd just like to know what it really means/is. Help a fellow Coldplayer!

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The single art for Clocks is an abstract sketch of Chris, from the view being DIRECTLY UNDERNEATH him. It's kind of trippy. Here:




Look on the middle kind of round part to the left. You can see a pointy nose, and eyes on either side. Do you see it?


His face is dark grey, on the left middle. The part sticking out the most is his nose, and you can make out eyes on either side of that. It takes a bit of staring to see it, but you'll see!


There was a pic somewhere on these forums with arrows. I'll see if I can find it, and credit the person who did it of course :)

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I figured out what the Clocks cover was with remarkable ease compared to how long I spent scratching my head at the AROBTTH album cover. Seriously, even my mum thought it was an upside-down bunny rabbit.


Then again Reece, I remember you once telling me that the Clocks cover was an explosion.

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Hello people!!


I introduce to you, my beautiful tattoo:






As you can see very little, tiny few spots of ink are missing. It's almost unnoticeable, maybe some of you won't even see which ones I'm talking about. Anyway, I asked the girl not to put those ones so it'd look a bit more clean.

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Oh god you have no idea how hyp my tattoo is. People have said that it's a butterfly, a fairy, a bat, a heart, a penis, boobs, random ink, etc etc etc. When I ll them it's a Coldplay tattoo their faces go

"whaaa?" I LOVE IT!!!

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