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Jay–Z and Kanye West break Coldplay's record for most iTunes downloads


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I meant irrelevant because that user has been referring to Coldplay as being irrelevant which I can say you know is not true. I should've marked the part of his post I was referring to.


Lol at the guy trying to be a smart ass


whooo meeeee


no I mean the people who are saying that they're irrelevant, or stupid things like that.


if not, then carry on.

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He's a troll because he doesn't post about anything other than ETIAW sucking. Even though this comment happened to be relevant to the conversation he's still a troll. Not because of that comment but because of the previous ones.

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If you don't like ETIAW then you are a troll?


Everything he posts, even if it's on an unrelated topic, has to do with how ETIAW sucks. Which is old news.


We know it kind of sucks. Have for months now.


Geez. :thinking:

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I got the new JayZ / Kanye record as a free download for buying a ticket to their show. Don't know if they offered that deal in every city but all those "sales" went into their total. Smart move.


Why isn't The Coldplays giving me the free records. :angry:

Well, at least they do the next big thing, make you buy songs like 17 times that is.

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I wouldn't be surprised to see a $3.99 Amazon gimmick.




But I think that's an Amazon thing to promote its cloud player service, like they did for Lady Gaga's release. That didn't have anything to do with the record company, Amazon took a loss on that one.

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