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Help finding a good Tablet PC - I know this should be in the tech thread but more people come to her


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And no, not those over priced Tablets, like a legit Laptop that has a folding screen that turns into a slate/tablet.


I'm going to school in like 2 weeks and I do not want to lug around 5 binders, high school has a lot of work as it is :uhoh:


Anyone know a good and hopefully cheap solution? :P

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The HP Touchpad was on sale for a crazy low price starting a few days ago, but they probably got snatched up already.


16 gig was $99

32 gig was $149


The guy at Best Buy said the best bet would be to check back on their site periodically in case one pops back in their inventory.

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i've been following up on that, they sold like hot cakes though :laugh3: for $100 a pop and 200k new ones, i think they're all gone XD


I would like a convertible laptop (odd name) cause aside forrm having a laptop, I would like a slate so I dont need binders or paper to write on :P

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