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guess whose on the cover of spin


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spin mag


I phoned up Borders on Oxford Street and they said they do stock that mag. Not sure if that is all branches but i would think that for Uk fans that would be the best bet of getting hold of this mag. Please please can any US fans who have it provide a quick summary of it? What are all these rumours that are supposed to be addressed? and is it the whole group or just chris & will? I need details until i get my paws on a copy. Thank you. Oooh i so want to read this article. Can those eyes get any more dreamy?

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just looked at it today. Chris says in it that their performance at the VMAs was shit, he says they thought oh we could do this and then they looked out and saw Eminem and said he's not going to be into this so they lost confidence.


What did you guys think about the performance? I thought it was good, very sincere, not flashy like some of the others.

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yay i got it last week. :D



i don't have a scanner, but it does have other little pics of the band in the inside pages. chris actually looks weird in one of them. doesn't even look like him :stunned: :lol:


i don't have a scanner, but i'll see what i can do.

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I finally saw this magazine at the stores... Should I get it? The cover is nice...


That is cool that they have article online...I have to read the rest of the article though...cause i remember when I was leafing through it they talked about being at a bar/club here in chicago....

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