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guess whose on the cover of spin


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chris martin.



i havn't seen it myself yet, but i do get that magazine. hopefully i'll see it this weekend.



and weren't we just talking about that chuck guy and how he thought coldplay are shit. i wonder who interviewed them :huh:


certainly not chuck :lol:

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ooh i can't wait to see it now.



when i get it i'll scan the pics.


i'm sure they'll be up on the web sometime. if you have a subcription you get it like a couple of weeks early. then it comes out to the public on the stands.

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they don't update that site realy quick. they update it when the magazine comes out to the public stands.



Juliana, - i won't have to buy this magazine because it comes to me in the mail.


but chris martin IS on the cover of the new one. i've seen it :sneaky:

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