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Red or Black?


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Red or Black crowns its first millionaire


Simon Cowell's new game show Red or Black made one very lucky man a millionaire on the first show of the series last night.


Nathan Hageman was reduced to tears and could barely speak to presenters Ant and Dec, only to say: "Is this real, thank you, is this happening?"


Speaking afterwards, the 31-year-old bricklayer said: "I didn't think I would get through, I couldn't believe it. I have never had any luck, apart from the family I've got. It means everything to me; I can change mine and my family's life."


For the 1,000 contestants, the chances of winning the jackpot are very slim with the finalists whittled down until there were only two remaining. Hageman was left to compete against Angel McKenzie, a Russian born boxer who appeared in Big Brother. Introducing herself onscreen, McKenzie said that being a celebrity is "like paradise on earth. You've got everything, you've got money."


She also told the cameras that if she were to win the money she would make a film about female boxing, with her in the starring role. The finale saw a tense Hageman spin a giant roulette wheel and hit gold when he landed on red.


The fast-paced TV show, which is the most expensive TV gameshow in British history with an estimated budget of £7million, also saw celebrities David Hasselhoff, Louis Walsh and Leona Lewis involved in various stages of the competition.



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Red Or Black results: Kevin Cartwright wins £1 million – second winner this week!


Viewers of ITV1’s Red or Black? saw a full time carer from Staffordshire become the show’s second consecutive millionaire.


Kevin Cartwright, a 44 year old full time carer from Staffordshire was left speechless after his win. After the show he said, “ I’m in complete shock I still can’t believe its just happened. I watched the ball land on the black and I thought that was it. I couldn’t focus I thought I was in a dream, I’m shocked.


“I nearly never turned up at Wembley for the first round because Nicola wasn’t feeling herself but she encouraged me to go. The first thing I’m going to with the money is take her on holiday to the US. The icing on the cake was Simon Cowell came up to us on stage and congratulated me and said that had him on the edge of my seat the way that ball was spinning.


Kevin correctly guessed the right outcome in 10 different rounds throughout the show – starting in Wembley with thousands of other hopefuls and ending by choosing red in the nail biting wheel spin. During the show viewers saw two stuntmen duel in a daredevil game of jousting whilst world number two golfer Lee Westwood and US open winner Rory McIlroy competed to get the ultimate hole in one.


Live in the studio pop princess Pixie Lott was joined by four 3D Pixies as she performed her new single ‘All About Tonight’. The holograms, each wearing a locket which when opened would release either black or red butterflies. At the end of her performance Pixie randomly selected one of the holograms and black butterflies emerged making this the winning colour. Heather Ward, Kevin Cartwright, Mick Foster and Ian Westbury went through to the next round.


Two of boxing’s biggest names, WBA World Light Welterweight champion Amir Khan playing for black and former WBA World Heavyweight Champion David Haye playing for red battled it out to determine the result of one of the stunts on Red or Black. But instead of slugging it out in the ring, the two professional boxers had to punch their way thorough cardboard screens. David Haye won the challenge.


The penultimate game of the show Duel saw the remaining two contestants Ian Westbury and Kevin Cartwright choosing different colours for the very first time. Kevin played for red and Ian for black. Split into eight equal sections, four of which were randomly programmed to light up red and the remaining four are black. The contestants took it in turns to select a section in the hope it lit up their colour. When it didn’t it gave a point to the opponent. The first contestant to unveil all four of their coloured sections was Kevin who then went through to the final and the Red or Black? wheel spin.


The eight contestants who competed tonight were, Ian Westbury, a 25 year old electrician, Sharon Webb a 38 year old chef, Mick Foster a 37 year old air conditioning engineer, Mel Hewton a 39 year old road safety engineer, Martyn O’Sullivan a 19 year old Warehouse worker, Kevin Cartwright a 44 year old full time carer for partner Nicola Dawson, 38, Heather Ward a 57 year old part time receptionist and Elisa Fiori a 27 year old air hostess.


Each night, for one finalist it will all come down to the spin of the Red or Black? wheel. We have followed them as just a face in the crowd at Wembley Arena, from their nerve wracking decisions on locations, to the choices they have had to make live in the studio. As the lights dim and they walk towards the wheel, the question is asked for the final time, Red or Black?…but do they feel lucky?


Monday night’s guests are IL Divo whilst Formula 1 legends Jenson Button and David Coulthard will pulling out all the stops in what will be a tense race which will determine one of the Red or Black? outcomes. Trading their F1 sports cars for go-karts the pair will have to push a series of tyres, with their karts to score zones. Each zone is worth different points. With three tyres each, the driver with the most points at the end of the game wins…but will it be Red or Black?



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Red or Black? drops contestants after checks


Two contestants from ITV1 game show Red or Black? have been dropped after producers tightened checks on those taking part. The move comes after the £1m top prize was won on Saturday by a man from Reading, who was revealed to have a conviction for assault.


The remaining shows will go ahead, but two programmes will have a reduced number of contestants. The show, presented by duo Ant and Dec, is running all this week on ITV1. An ITV spokesman said: "ITV has reviewed the background checks on remaining contestants from Red or Black? As a result of this we have asked producers to remove two contestants from this week's shows. Red or Black? will continue on these two occasions with seven, rather than eight, contestants."


The show, the spokesman continued, was is a co-production between ITV Studios and Simon Cowell's production company Syco. All the parties, he said, were "working closely and collaboratively together to ensure that the show continues its success."


Nathan Hageman, 31, won the first £1m prize on the first show on Saturday. Yet ITV came under pressure to strip him of his winnings when his conviction came to light. The bricklayer was initially reported to have been jailed for attacking a man. It was later disclosed he had in fact attacked a woman. In an earlier statement, ITV said producers had made "thorough inquiries" into Mr Hageman's participation in the show.


"Whilst producers were aware that Nathan had served a prison sentence for assault they were not fully aware of facts which have since emerged. As a result of this ITV is reviewing the background checks on all remaining contestants in the show."


When the show was launched in May, presenter Ant McPartlin said there would be checks in place to ensure winners were "not going to be criminals". At the same event, Cowell said the show was likely to feature "all types".


Asked how show bosses would make sure there was a worthy winner, McPartlin said: "All the checks will be in place so they're not going to be criminals. "But when you randomly select people, who knows? I don't think we should discriminate at all."


Medwyn Jones, a partner at media law firm Harbottle and Lewis, told the BBC that most TV game shows require contestants to declare criminal convictions. "Most contributor releases will have clauses in them under which they confirm that they don't have criminal convictions, and they they are not connected with anybody involved in the production of the show or with the broadcaster.


"But I'm not sure that production companies will routinely do criminal records checks," he said.



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The only good thing to come from this show is that TV has finally hit rock bottom, it can't possibly get any worse then watching people choose between 2 colours. Cowells always said he doesn't think the people who watch his shows are morons, and yet he comes up with this, its lowest common denominator television, and it's also very depressing how in these times it just reminds us how shamelessly desperate people are at the moment for money (I only watched the 1st episode, where a woman talked about how when you're in debt, you choose between rent or food- ah Saturday night tellie!).


I thought Deal or No Deal was bad, then came Justin Lee Collins flipping a coin, and now this- well to be fair its just as shit as JLC flipping a coin.

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