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Rate/Critisize (or whatever) my cover please.

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So like the title says. Give me your opinion.

But there are few things I want you to know before you do:

1. I am no guitarist. I'm a pianist. I don't really play guitar but that was the only thing I had. I bought this electro acoustic guitar like 2 weeks ago and I'm very proud of how it sounds since I used it for bass, guitar and an electric guitar parts in this song.

2. It was supposed to sound close to original. Didn't want to interpret it my way or something so if you're familiar with the song, let me know if I messed up.

3. This is my first/second cover. First/second cause I did like 2.5 minutes of another song the day before but it was shit.

4. As I said the only thing I had was and electro acoustic guitar. I also used Fl to create 'drums'. Drums...heh good joke, I know. Recorded the whole thing in Audacity.

5. Yes, I know that vocal is quiet sometimes. But I wanted it to be like that.

6. I am not a singer, I didn't have any lessons, I'm just a backing vocal in my band.


I think that's all. The song is: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19_n0Fxn8S4&feature=related]Warpaint - Beetles[/ame]



My attempt:



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You completely undersold yourself here and without good reason! I thought this was cover was impressive and completely listenable. Especially if you've only been playing guitar for two weeks? That can't be right, surely? This is far too professional for that.


The backing tracks go down quite well! And those vocal effects are trippy as pie. Your voice sounds great! There's a certain charm to the quality of your voice. Those guitar parts sound great, especially with the way you've overlayered them. I feel a bit silly with all my expensive software if you can produce such good results with audacity! ;)


I hope to see more! :)

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Yes just an audacity... I was desperate xD

Thanks guys. I mean, very, very much.


Eh, yeah I know strikie, intro isn't too good, but I didn't even think about it I listened to the live versions so much that I just did it, and then wanted to add the original version too. I'll maybe remove it somehow or something, mhm, that would be a good idea.

So thanks again.

And thanks Will : D That's so nice. Especially hearing it from you cause you're an amazing musician. And about the guitar, nooo. I didn't make myself clear. I play guitar for a while. My vocalist left her guitar at my house few months ago and sometimes when I was bored I tried to learn some things. The best thing was that I already understood music at some point because of the piano so it was easier for me to learn. I admit that I couldn't play any barre and was so shit that wow. But I managed to learn some chords and some parts of songs. 2 weeks ago I bought my guitar and started to play more because it was just better to play on the guitar that sounds like a real instrument not a hmm... junk (sorry dear guitar).

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