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Rank Coldplay's New MX Songs.


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Mylo Xyloto/Hurts Like Heaven - 9.5/10 (MX is a very nice intro; love the feeling of grandiosity it produces, almost like a more colorful version of Life in Technicolor. Then HLH kicks in and the 80's-pop-vibe is so infused with graffiti you can practically smell the spray paint. Plus Jonny's guitar work is top-notch.)


Paradise - 8.5/10 (I'll have to admit; whenever I first heard this song I didn't know what to think. It was less cringe-worthy than ETIAW, but it still wasn't the vibe I wanted. That being said, I love this song now. Most of the love is for the piano and bass work, which is stellar. However, I am a big fan of the random breakdowns and the beautiful instrumental intro.)


Charlie Brown - 8.0/10 (Not the biggest fan of this song; not that it's a bad song by any means. I will say right now the weird sounding intro does offer a good amount anticipation. The lead guitar line is very stadium-rockish and the pounding bass drum is good for live shows, but the song doesn't offer much else for me. Although the piano line at the end is incredible. Nice work, Chris.)


Us Against the World - 8.5/10 (Once again, the instrumental intro creates a very hopeful/grand vibe that I am a huge fan of. Then it all disappears and melts into a perfectly good Coldplay ballad. The lyrics are the centerpiece of this song, and the duet with Will.)


M.M.I.X./Every Teardrop is a Waterfall - 9.0/10 (Whenever this song was first released last summer, I almost threw up in my mouth. I seriously doubted anything that Coldplay would ever do in their entire life after that point. But then it grew on me, and now that bagpipe guitar line is the most catchy thing they've made. The synth offers a good contrast to the last song, and the ending bassline just makes anyone want to dance.)


Major Minus - 9.5/10 (Love, love, love this song. From the first jagged guitar chord, I already knew it would be a good U2-influenced ride. The processed intercom style vocals are a really nice touch, and the guitar parts in this song are also another centerpiece. I love this song, partly because of its politically charged lyrics and the reference of "Big Brother".)


U.F.O. - 10/10 (This song couldn't be anymore perfect. It reminds me of an extended version of the song Parachutes, but with much more complexity and bittersweet-ness. The ending tones that bring POC to life are also a nice touch to the song.)


Princess of China 7/10 (Once again, whenever I heard Rihanna would duet I wasn't a fan. This song isn't that bad, but it's definitely one of the weaker points of the album. The duet does sound nice, and it is incredibly catchy, but I would be pleased if it was replaced with Moving to Mars.)


Up In Flames 8.0/10 (It does get repetitive, and a little annoying, but I enjoy this song. The lyrics are pretty decent compared to the rest of the songs, due to their simplicity. And once again, Jonny-Boy saves this song.)


A Hopeful Transmission/Don't Let It Break Your Heart - 10/10 (A Hopeful Transmission is a throwback to Mylo Xyloto and U.F.O., but it's a nice Spanish-influenced flashback. Then Don't Let It Break Your Heart kicks in and totally grabs your nuts. This is by far the best song(s) on the album, and I would love to see them play DLIBYH live. The song is just so mysteriously energized and the lyrics are even more cryptic than Major Minus. Nice work, boys.)


Up With the Birds - 9.5/10 (A wonderful closer to this great album. The first half is reminiscent of the grander parts of the album (CB, UATW), and has a great melody. The lyrics are classic Chris Martin, and of course, this song can't end on a sad note, not again. "And then, I'm up with the birds," Chris swoons, and causes this album to begin a wonderful close. It echoes the happier parts of VLV, but on more hopeful terms. The lyrics are the best part of the second half, and the message is fantastic. The ending piano riff is one of Chris's best work, and doesn't leave any stone unturned on this huge journey.)


That's my long-ass review.

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1. Princess of China

2. Hurts Like Heaven

3. Charlie Brown

4. Us Against the World

5. Paradise

6. Every Teardrop

7. Major Minus

8. Up in Flames

9. Moving to Mars


OK, this has changed a little... ;)


1. MX / Hurts Like Heaven - 10/10

2. Every Teardrop - 9.8/10

3. Charlie Brown (live) - 9.7/10 *

4. Us Against the World - 9.5/10

5. Up with the Birds - 9/10

6. Major Minus - 8.8/10

7. Princess of China - 8.5/10

8. Don't Let it Break Your Heart - 8.3/10

9. U.F.O. - 8/10

10. Paradise - 7.8/10

11. Up in Flames - 7.5/10


* the studio version just feels a bit flat and lacking effort to me, the live version is so superior (and I don't mean the videos, but the live video is much better). I give Charlie Brown (studio) 8/10. I think Paradise is the only song from this era whose studio version is better than the live version - from the ones we've heard so far, obviously.

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Mylo Xyloto/Hurts Like Heaven - 9/10

Paradise - 6.5/10 (instrumental is great , lyrics not so)

Charlie Brown - 9/10

Us Against The World - 10/10

M.M.I.X./Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall - 6.7/10 (great theme song but I dont like it that the melody is copied not very coldplay'ish)

Major Minus - 7/10 (Live version 8)

U.F.O. - 9/10

Princess of China - 6,5/10 ( Could have been great when accoustic and without rihanna)

Up In Flames - 6 ( lot of repeating lyrics, a lot of unreleased songs are better)

A Hopeful Transmission/Don't Let It Break Your Heart - 9/10

Up With The Birds 9/10

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Mylo Xyloto/Hurts Like Heaven - 10/10

Paradise - 8/10

Charlie Brown - 9/10

Us Against The World - 9/10

MMIX/Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall - 9/10

Major Minus - 8/10

UFO - 6.5/10

Princess of China - 5/10

Up In Flames - 5/10

A Hopeful Transmission/Don't Let It Break Your Heart - 11/10

Up With The Birds - 9/10


Moving To Mars - 10/10



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Not sure if I've already done this but my opinions of MX has changed over time so here 'goes:


MX ... 8 ... Like the live version better. It's louder and more exciting.

HLH ... 9.5 ... My personal favorite. Love the last minute or so of the song.

Para ... 8 ... Doesn't get the love it deserves on this forum. Big fan of the drum beat.

CB ... 10 ... Not my fav but without a doubt the best song of this era. Instant classic.

UATW ... 8.5 ... Something I wish Coldplay will do more of in the future. Great song.

MMIX ... 6.5 ... It seems dumb to rate a song like this, but it's just flat out boring. I understand that it's just supposed to be a sound scape, but there could have been a more epic lead into...

ETIAW ... 8.5 ... Once again, this song should get more love from this forum. It's almost a year old, but it's still fresh for me. That's the sign of a good song.

MM ... 7.5 ... Prefer the live version. I do love Guy's bass in this song, but I just can't get into this one.

UFO ... 7.5 ... This song has gotten less enjoyable as I listen to it more. It was a 9 when MX first came out.

PoC ... 7 ... There was just some thing about the Rock im Park version that made it sound so much more epic. And this has nothing to do with Rihanna.

UiF ... 6.5 ... Don't have anything to say about this. Just boring to me.

AHT ... 8 ... I like the reprise of MX. It was a nice touch.

DLIBYH ... 7.25 ... Most overrated song on this forum.

UWTB ... 8 ... This song is finally starting to grow on me.

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