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Rank Coldplay's New MX Songs.


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1. Hurts Like Heaven

2. Charlie Brown

3. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

4. Paradise

5. Us Against The World

6. Major Minus

7. Moving to Mars


MtM used to be my favourite, but I'm growing attached to the album already! And it's not even out yet!

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1. Hurts Like Heaven: 10/10

2. Charlie Brown: 10/10

3. Moving To Mars: 10/10

4. Paradise: 10/10

5. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall: 9/10

6. Us Against the World: 8/10

7. Major Minus: 7/10



And I would rank Up In Flames as a 10/10 most likely but the one I heard the sound quality was lacking so I'll withhold judgement until i hear the actual album version.

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1. Moving to Mars

2. Charlie Brown

3. Hurts Like Heaven

4. Major Minus

5. Us Against the World

6. Paradise

7. ETIAW (though I still like it!)


If we include the ones with poor-quality recordings...


1. Princess of China (sans RiRi)

2. Charlie Brown

3. Up in Flames

4. Hurts Like Heaven

(and so on)

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1.Us Against the World

2.Charlie Brown

3.Hurts Like Heaven

4.Major Minus


6.Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

7.Moving to Mars


Even though I still love it, MTM is overrated IMO.

And I'm really shocked that UATW is receiving such low rankings :shocked2:-IT'S ONE OF COLDPLAY'S BEST EVER. PERIOD.The lyrics are some of Chris' best.

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