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Super Mario Brothers 3 Beaten in 11 Minutes


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This is fucking amazing. If any of you remember Super Mario Brothers 3 for rhe regular Nintendo system, This guy beat SMB3 (whoever he is) without using a single cheat....in 11 minutes, from start to finish. What's more, he ends the game with 99 lives, he doesn't die once, he doesn't even GET HIT once. Also note that warping is not a cheat, it's a trick.


Watch the 11 minute video here, it's SO crazy:




(note if you're on dial-up it might take a while to downlaod, it's 17 megabytes)

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You guys are all laaaaaaaaamoooooooooooos!! What's with all these geeky computer game threads?


Anyways, I wouldn't be surprised if one of my cousin's could get that time. He once played one the SMB games in front of us and he got to the last stage in like five minutes, then someone called his name and he left right before he finished the game. Easy shmeezy for him I guess.


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Is this in some email forward? its on all the forums I'm in.

To explain the video Here is Slayn from the megatokyo forum

Well first of all, the version of Mario 3 being played is the Japanese version, which allows some cheap tricks taken out of the American release (double fireballs, harder to hit; notice how he seems to jump through things sometimes, and not die). Also, Japanese people are insane about this kind of stuff, so I'm fairly certain the video is legit.

I agree^

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