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ever wondered what it's like to be an identical twin?


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to have someone that looks so much like you

to have someone that is extreamly close to you

to have someone think the same way as you

to have someone to talk to about anything

to have someone that understands

to have someone to comfort you

to have someone side with you

to have someone to laugh with, cry with, share with.


i don't know what it's like not to be a twin. i honestly can't imagine my life without her. she's just always there. we do almost everything together.


people always ask, "is it fun having a twin?"

"would you perfer not to be a twin?"


yeah i guess it is. but i don't know what it's like NOT to have a twin. so i can't choose. it's not always "fun" but i love being one.


even though everyday there's someone calling you a different name that isn't yours.


ever wonder what it would be like to have an identical twin?

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Guest LiquidSky

Man, crap! If I had a twin, we would be like this>>>> :evil:@ each other, honestly...



we would be like this:

twin one - "No, listen, stupid, we are gonna do this, this way"

twin two - "No, listen, idiot, we are gonna do this this way"

twin one - "argh, you stupid bitch, why are you so fucking ignorant?":rolleyes: twin two - " :rolleyes: oh geez, lord please enlighten her.... :rolleyes: , I am the leader, you do whatever the fuck I say and I say we must do this, this way and end of the conversation..."

twin one - "Why you little!!!"

twin one - :evil:

twin two - :evil:


so, yeah.... I would be a total different person if I had a sister or a twin... I like the person I am today...if I had a sister or a twin, I would be a very mad and angry person...

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well, to have an identical twin...i think would make life awkward. like..wearing similar clothes etc :rolleyes: :P ...but, i do have a brother, and even though, we aren't identical, we're very similar in the things we like, dislike + have very similar views on just about everything...we get on very very well

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You don't have to be similar to wear similar clothes ... my mum used to do that to me and my 2 younger sisters when we were kids... Having an identical twin would be like having another part of yourself ... I think I'd like it ;)

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me and mindy (twin) actually aren't that much alike. we usually dress differently. my voice is deeper, i'm taller, and i'm more mature :P. plus i have a beauty mark above my lip, she doesnt.

we think a lot the same though. and sometimes even say the same thing at the same time. :lol:

and then there's the coldplay part of me. :D ;) she likes them but not nearly as much as me. she listens to other music. that's actually how some people tell us apart. :confused:

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i'm a twin... I like being one... people always wants to know how it feels like but I can't describe it lol

Hello! Welcome to the board

You have an awesome avatar! Speaking of which twin4life has an awesome avatar too.

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