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first coldplay baby


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I'm so excited Chris is gonna be a daddy! That's fantastic! Hooray for the both of them! However, when I found out the news which was on the radio, I was like "NOOO!!" I reacted this way because I personally don't think Gwenyth Paltrow is that great of a woman for her, she's had a lot of failed relationships in the past and I'm praying to god, that this is gonna work out between her and Chris! I honestly don't think she's all that pretty either but you take your pick...


But anyways, best wishes and congrats to them both! :lol: :lol:


And she is a smoker!!! So she better not smoke during the pregnancy because that is a big no no.

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I think it should be twins, one girl and one boy . So every people will be happy !

twins would suck

:stunned: why?


scared they'll turn out like mary kate and ashley? *shudder* :P


i think twins would be cool. and if identical, twice the beauty and talent. :cool: :D

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Guest LiquidSky
what should it be. what do you want it to be.



don't say whatever they want i want to know what you think they should have.



i say boy. i want another nice looking man like chris martin in the world.



oh yeah and think of names too.



chris jr sounds a little cheesy. i can't think of any though







wouldn't that be funny if they weren't having a kid. this thread would be useless oh well it will be fun


what will they have, or what do you want.


66% [ 14 ]


33% [ 7 ]


Total Votes : 21


Ginger, they are having a child...she is really pregnant...haven't you watch the news? She was on Jay Leno tonight...you could see her belly....



Anyways I want a boy and they should name it Durim or Gael... ;)

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