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How does the running man fit into MX?


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Probably the main character/guy of the story - he's armed w/ a spraycan soul - hence the vibrant colors/aura he has - and hurts like heaven is the opening/intro of the character perhaps called Mylo - listen to the lyrics. He's not happy with his life, feels like there is something more, and he keeps seeing messages around (graffiti on a bridge in a park, a factory sign) that, to him, states there's more to life than the rat race or whatever he's in. The man is initially walking but as the song progresses,


and he feels liberated, starts taking control of his life, and living, so to speak, his soul takes off flying metaphorically, he becomes part of the movement on his own, and something larger than himself.


"On every street, every car, every surface are names

Tonight the streets are ours and we're writing the same

'Don't let 'em take control

No we won't let 'em take control'


He's now armed with a spraycan soul, and life is much more fulfilling for him, at the same time, he's revolting against the powers that be with messages/art/music/etc. through medium of graffiti, trying to get others to wake up (sort of like the matrix).


'So on concrete canvas under cover of dark

C'mon, concrete canvas; I'll go making my mark

Armed with a spray can soul

I'll be armed with a spray can soul'

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Im a marathon runner and I can tell you that running while listening to HLH and Charlie Brown is one of the best thing EVER.

And I believe both :chris: and :guy: ran the London Marathon too.

So this is my theory :D


I agree! I was running at the gym the other day and Charlie Brown came on my ipod and it made me run so fast!

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