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Hello Everyone....


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THANK you LiquidSky(p.s.I really like that user name and it wasn't a sad face, more of a shy face..im usually a shy guy), Julia, Sally, Amanda, Ren, Eric, Fiona(another coool name)...And to everyone else that read this thread if even you don't post. Thanks for welcoming me with open arms...sort of speak...Probably the best forums I belong too!!


-Brian ;)

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If anyone even heard of Wisconsin

my moms friend is from there and she drank beer in like elementary school



Yeah, that doesn't suprise me one bit :lol:


cristiane: Yea, I understand...there are people in the states that can't even spell Wisconsin!! lol


Thanks for the welcomes everyone!!!


-Bryan :pleased:

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mycdplayerisbroke: There is a lot of cheese kind of stuff in Wisconsin but more northern WI(and yup that's the abrevation for Wisconsin). I live in Milwaukee which is in SouthEast WI, only like 45mins from Chicago. But of all the cities I been to in WI, Milwaukee is the biggest and in my opinion the best if u going to be stuck in WI. A lot of local music and bands. And almost EVERYONE loves the Packers here. I don't have a opinion on them. :lol:


Thank u el-scorcho for the welcome.. ;)


-Bryan :blush:

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I didn't see that movie but my parents did and they loved it. :blush: A whole bunch of cool people are in it like Hugh Grant and Rowan Atkinson and Julia Roberts (I think) and the chick from Pirates of the Caribbean :D


No,Julia Roberts doesnt appear at ''love actually'' but its a great film and so funny...you should see!

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lol, it's ok silly ;) Who's in the movie? was it good at all?


I personally like Romantic and Comedy movies the most...not a fan of horror or anything like that :D


Btw, Wisconsin weather is the worst!!!! :(


-Bryan :)

If you like comedy and romantic films you should see it!I think it has the same producer and director of ''Notthing hill''(i luv this movie) and ''bridget jone's diary''.Like Jess said it has a amazing cast...Hugh grant,Colin Firth,Laura Linney and Rodrigo Santoro :D (nobody knows him because he is starting his international career now...but he is brazilian..and a very good actor ,he was at charlies angles-the last one- and in this film he is the guy who the character of Laura Linney loves.

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