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Favorite Nut

Corner Kid

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what about pistacios? aren't they nuts? well anyway they are my favorite.




Cant believe I forgot Pistacios! Another favorite of mine...

It wont let me add to the poll...

i cant believe it, you forget all kinds! What about haselnuts or... what are they called... the little nuts you put in salad... they are really fatty... oh, I know what I'M talking about!

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hehe, woah... I'm almost at 1000 posts! I've been here since May, and still havent reached 1000... thats odd... Andrew came here not too long ago and he's already over 1000... it may sound like nothing to you people who have posted over 10,000 or whatever, but for me its a lot... I'm going to celebrate, just me and a bottle of champagne...

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