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A Coldplay-Obsessed Screenager Girl :D

Screenager Girl :D

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Hello! My name is Bellamie (rather strange, I know ;)) and I'm from British Columbia, currently living in the States. My mother's maiden name was Bellamy, and after she was married, there was no one to carry on the name, and so, to keep it alive, she decided to give it to me as my first name. I get at least 10 comments on a daily basis on my name :P

Anyhow, enough about my name, lol. :rolleyes5:

I'm 17 and a somewhat new Coldplay fan. It was the December of 2007 my friend introduced me to Coldplay and I fell in love. :heart:

Since then, I now own all 5 of their (ridiculously AWESOME!!) albums, and have even had the incredible honor of seeing them live. Coldplay live in Concert is unlike ANYTHING else in the universe...just...beyond words!!:happy2:

I have also since gotten my hands on an abundance of their sheet music and have mastered basically every Coldplay drum beat ever. Drums is my instrument! :drummer:

Anyway, it's just such an honor to be a member of this amazing fansite. Already seems very easy to get around on and also extremely informative. Also, the other members seem to be just...AWESOME. :D Yes, I think I'm going to love it here. Nay, I KNOW I'm going to love it here!! :laugh2: I already do! And looking forward to being here!

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Welcome to Coldplaying, Bellamie!! (By the way, I LOVE your name!!!!) I can promise you you'll never find a fansite that could ever even come close to comparing to this one!! It is just incomparable!! And the other members are lovely, too. Very friendly and welcoming. :)

Anyhow, just wanted to welcome you to this amazing place!! Have fun and Viva Coldplay!! :D

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Thanks for the welcome chuck kottke! :) And yes, I'm already quite enjoying the "quirkiness around the edges." And by the way, I have never been called the "Drummer Girl Bellamie from British Columbia" but I do quite love the title!! Thank you. ;)

And just what white shadows am I hiding behind, you ask? Well, perhaps explaining would defeat the whole purpose of attempting to hide, but if you must know, I'm hiding In My Place behind the White Shadows in the Cemeteries of London, near Violet Hill. ;) Okay, so yes, I just randomly came up with this play on words very spur-of-the-moment, but there is some truth to it--I actually am currently visiting a friend in lovely London (well, not in the cemeteries of, lol, but I am in London). But anyhow, thanks again! And I suppose I'll most likely be seeing you around the site!! :)

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