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i am a coldplay fan looking for new friends


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i am looking to make friend with other coldplay fans i am going to there gig in june and would love it if they did a setlist with us against the world in it as this song means so much to me. i have now been very well this last year. this song has helped me in my recovery and got me back to work. ( ambulance service) i would have loved to gone and seen them in manchester tonight or london on friday but i cant get time off work due to all leave being cancelled due to busy christmas period



well that about it for now


love to hear from you :):stunned::lol:



lorraine 74320

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So people let's go on finding new friends!

If you don't mind i would like to suggest some tips to attract more people and to make this thread more popular, ok?


How about following these steps:


- making a small self-presentation (who are you; where are you from; your interests)

- what kind of people you would like get to know/to meet

- i don't know if it is possible by rules to include a Facebook page(?)..if yes that would be great!

- something more//


I suppose that all will help us to find real friends( or maybe someone more :)..who knows) with the same interets and views on life! That's my point.

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^ yes,I know two people who like coldplay but their not into coldplay like I am. I end up talking to myself about coldplay :embarrassed:


Ahaha your not alone.. I do the same too.. I try to talk to my friends about coldplay but then i relieze that they are probably not listenin. aha

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Oh man!! Here in S.Korea

Coldplay is not that popular cause' they dont know about them that much:dozey: Bloody K-pop

Anyway from 2010 i have been influncing lots of people to like Coldplay just like Erwin

Whichs now lots of people are listening to Coldplay and buyung the album

It feels REALLY GOOD!!:D

BTW yeah i would like to make some Coldplaying friend either

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