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  1. hearing the song "Rainy Day" at a resturant. Thats ironic cuz it was raining in my town
  2. this :nod: My friend and i plan to move to london if we ever get enough money to rent a flat... Anyways.. Here's my list: the lingo the big ferris wheels awesome people come from there accent yeaah all i could think of right now p.s. Nice intro, thing i caught my attention with the free food... lol:P
  3. Nice pic :) i always find myself procrastinating on this thred.. :D
  4. Ahaha your not alone.. I do the same too.. I try to talk to my friends about coldplay but then i relieze that they are probably not listenin. aha
  5. you will probably do great :) ... any ways ahaha i daydreamt that i met chris for the first time... when i relized that i was like "oh gosh :facepalm:" guys? i think im obsessed." please tell me this has happened to you as well....
  6. ^ Thats how i felt when i first heard it, then i gave it a chance and now i like it.. I dont love it but i dont hate it.. :)
  7. Lol i knoww! i love that article,, they are such a cute family :laugh3: but like yehh that was a lot of information! Crazyy people can stalk them noww..
  8. Bananas are yellow... Name of a cp song yellow <3 table cloth
  9. Welcome! :D I absolutely loveee Moses ! It amazing! <333 I think the song that got me hooked to Coldplay was The Scientist
  10. Yehh i would try to do this, then epically fail and the fan girl inside me would probably come out! :smug:
  11. Name the song/s that you think is the most overrated and underrated in each cp album: Parachutes: Overrated: None. They are all equally perfect Underrated: We Never Change/Spies AROBTTH: Overrated: Daylight Underrated: Warning Sign X&Y: Overrated: The Hardest Part Underrated: Swallowed in the Sea VLV: Overrated: 42 Underrated: DAAHF MX: Overrated: Paradise... Its getting played out :\ Underrated: Us Against the World
  12. I no they are to perfect to be humans their like aliens or something! umm in this interveiw, chris is givin a highschool musical lunchbox [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zN_jdwVtPVE]Chris Martin Interview - January 2009 - YouTube[/ame] cartwheel
  13. Monkeys are sometimes believed that evolved into humans. Chris, Guy, Will and Jonny are four amazing humans :D notepad
  14. my sister said that she was on twitter and people where tweeting that they love coldplay after the grammys and they started to change their name to something to do with mylo xyloto.. Am I the only person who gets annoyed when people "love" a band or singer just after listening to like one song?
  15. Hes a beautiful man! i love him <33 hes extremely talented, has a beautiful heart and voice! I wish he would sing more
  16. ^ thats completely true... I live in the u.s and the stuff like nicki manaj and lmfao sucks... but i honestly have heard them so much on the radio lately! :)
  17. Mom: Hey what do you want for your birthday? Me: Chris Martin As im looking at this thread im sad cuz i know i cant have this beautiful man!! Im going to marry him soon!! :)
  18. awww i wish i would have had checked it this post earlier. The dead line is tomorrow and i dont have time to make anything :(
  19. ^ That put a smile on my face :D It was funny because this weekend i could have sworn i saw chris martin at beverly hills. And then i relized that it probably wasnt true because the guy i saw had a shaved head... i should have checked anyways... You guys im to obsessed!!
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