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What does the MMIX symbol mean?


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I think it's a stick shift that the kids use when the drive their c.....


Just kidding.


I actually have no clue what it is either. I think there was a rumor hoing around when the pop-up edition was released that the short songs used to be full songs with lyrics. Maybe that's true and it's from one of M.M.I.X's (Never really thought about it but I really love that title) lyircs. It'd be cool if anyone had that edition to look into it....

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^^Yeah that's the one.


I feel like these are hater comments against Coldplay. This is a fansite. If you're not a fan. GET OFF


Don't worry, just joking around. We're fans like everyone else. I'm sorry if I offended you. :(


I know it sounded sarcastic, but I kind of meant what I said about the wand.

Don't you think MMIX is supposed to be a transition from UATW into Teardrop? Well, I think they are much happier in ETIAW than in UATW, so maybe something happened that made them more positive...

You know when you suddenly feel happy, for no particular reason? Like someone or something performed magic to make you feel better. Maybe it means something like that.

So I think, if it is a wand, it's a metaphor for something positive happening.

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It's kinda putting the concept album back into effect which everyone's seem to have forgotten. If we could really figure out the storyline from HLH up to MMIX it'd be easier to try and understand what they were getting at. And I do have the pop up. In one of Chris' notebook entries he wrote A Hopeful Transmission at the top really big and then lyrics to a song I've never heard at the bottom(it also said they were going to try out electric guitar in it, I'd like to hear that version). Maybe they were lyrical songs at one point. Oh and apology accepted :D

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