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[4-May-2012] Coldplay @ Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, USA


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This was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I've never been to a concert before, let alone a Coldplay concert.


No one has a full audio recording of it anywhere? I'd love to listen to the show as a whole again

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Here is my Us Against the World video. We moved down to C stage during Paradise and found an empty seat just 3 rows up :)


At 2:08, Chris and I made eye contact, he did a head nod to me, smiled then waved a second later :) This was just a few hours after I met him. I about died. Sorry the quality isn't better, I was shooting right into the spotlight and it was hard to get good video of Jonny and Guy, which is why there is so much of Will and Chris.




This is great, Dianne!!!

I was standing right in front of you! :)

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Chris Martin meets our volunteers

Posted by Rosie Cowling on 08 May 2012




There are obvious perks to being an Oxfam volunteer at a Coldplay gig. There’s getting to talk to people about something you feel passionate about, there’s the not-to-be-missed opportunity to prance about dressed up like fruit and veg, and of course there’s getting to see your favourite band for free.


But occasionally, just occasionally, you might even meet a rock star.


Before the gig at Hollywood Bowl on Friday, Chris Martin took a walk in the Hollywood sunshine to come and meet our LA volunteers. He thanked them for volunteering and ask them how the GROW campaign was going. They told him which songs they wanted to hear the band play.


Check out those grins!



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Oh my gosh, those were hysterical. Great find, Tash! Glad he had a good attitude about the show in his backyard - I would have been climbing the nearest rooftop, tree, cherry picker to see. And I didn't' realize there were so many fireworks at the end!

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This clip kind of shows chris running through the crowd after speed of sound but I can't quite work it out. Don't know if anyone else can? :)

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