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Mylo Xyloto Manicure


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I know this doesn't relate specifically to the album, but hear me out! :D

I painted my nails like this a while back to celebrate the release of MX - I think right after their SNL performance.






I had been planning to do it for a while. Plus, it was so cool to look at and I never wanted to take it off! :laugh4: And I love Coldplay so why not? :P The colors remind me of Mylo Xyloto but the splatters remind me somewhat of the Viva paintings.


I have a nail-polish related blog where I did a post as well as tutorial on my Mylo Xyloto/Graffiti manicure. Surprisingly it wasn't hard, it just took a lot of patience. I'll post a link if anyone's interested. I'm planning to do something similar to this when I see them live in August.



My blog is at http://polished-prisms.blogspot.com


The Coldplay manicure is here: http://polished-prisms.blogspot.com/2011/11/graffiti-anyone.html


Carry on :D

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I remember when I was counting down every hour, tbh the feeling before the concert is the best because afterwards you realize what you've been waiting for like 6 months for is over. Lol I'm still counting up(?) till when my concert was, 39 days ago today. Anyways, have fun!

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