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Strange symbol in Charlie Brown


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Sup guys, first time here.

Can anyone tell me what this symbol means? I've seen it in various coldplay videos.



Sorry if it is a stupid question and thanks in advance :)


It means Car Kids. (CK). It's a song written in 2009 that was supposed to be released on Mylo Xyloto but never was.

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Wow, you're definitely new here! :lol: Welcome :D

There's quite a myth about Car Kids (you may have noticed this symbol, or "Car Kids" is everywhere in this era, yet no Car Kids has been released) and it's been debated a lot on Coldplaying (which explains some of the reactions to your post, included mine :lol: )

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sorry for starting this thread again but i wasn't sure how to start a new thread... however, i was watching the Charlie Brown music video a minute ago and came to the conclusion that it revolves the car kids but also the main boy in the video is REX, (mylo's best friend). i thought this because of his R on his jersey and the director or coldplay would have suggested him to wear the clothes and obviously were careful on what his clothes had on them. I am pretty certain i maybe on to something... what are your thoughts?

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