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CAR KIDS RELEASE! Mylo Xylotwo announced!


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The new Coldplay EP was announced today! The tracklisting hasn't been revealed yet but more details will come soon, here's how the artwork is gonna look like:



The first single, CAR KIDS, was alredy revealed today, you can listen below:


it's amazing

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u85u2ymDl8M]Every Bazinga from The Big Bang Theory (series 1 to 4) - YouTube[/ame]

Happy Fool's Day :P




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I knew it it was an april fools

Car kids isn't real and it will never ever be heard ever(ever).

sorry murky :hug:

Dammit!! Is car kids actually a song though??

It is real. It was mentioned in an interview in 09, and Chris said he liked the lyrics.

We'll probably never hear it, but it exists.

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