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Nostalgia? Remembering Mylo Xyloto from the beginning.


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Not gonna lie, in the Viva era my excitement and the giddy Coldplay feeling in my stomach progressively increased.


MX era, it's progressively disappeared...


I know, right? It is because they are not releasing anything new! Not performing anything new either... Videos, comic books and whatnot are cool, but most people, including myself, love Coldplay for the amazing music.

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This is a bit unrelated, BUT I've just discovered that one of the stock Apple Loops on a Mac is called 'Alien Radio'! It's a 2 second piece of noise, but still. I know that they use Macs, so it should be something)))

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I cried when reading this :') im a sucker for nostalgia. That day.. when I first saw ETIAWF in the charts, That day, when they announced that they were releasing an album. that day when they released the track list.


and you know...



its all going to happen again...


Jonny said so, :jonny:


They are going to start a new album...


but no one knows when :shocked2:

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Oh, thank you so much for this! It's funny though, for about an hour before I read this, I felt like I wasn't really a Coldplay fan anymore. I just felt like a random person who's like "Oh yeah, I like Coldplay." But then I cam across this, read it and I just feel all nostalgic and a real Coldplayer again. I remember all this and have memories of that summer morning last year where we all found out about MX. Then the wondering and speculation on how the songs will sound like.


So thanks, you saved me from a regretful choice.

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