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B-Sides: Too bad for release ?!

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Hey Guys,

Now that we know that also the 5th Single of comes with no B-Sides i´m really wondering whats the reason for it. So,for me there can only be three reasons:


1. Chris,Jonny,Will and Guy decided that the other recorded songs dont fit the Era as good as the songs from the Album do,although they have been recorded with them.


2. There is something special coming up,maybe the DVD TOGETHER with some new songs,just like a Collectors Box.


3. The other recorded songs will never be released,just as simple as it is.



I dont think that just an EP will be released. Personally i imagine that some new/unreleased songs will be released in a special way,like i mentioned above...

What are your thoughts about it ?!:)


Best regards !

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Another possible reason could be that they've tied the lyrics and sound so closely together into a story this time round that the 'almost released' songs dropped right near the end would contradict the comics or what we know about the characters...


Yes,thats what i meant with the second point,too ;)

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The better question to ask is why they're releasing 5 singles when the album (notwithstanding MX, MMIX, and AHT) only has 11 tracks to begin with.
Interesting. Maybe it's because they don't plan on releasing an EP ? Maybe they weren't sure to release HLH but eventually decided to, after CB not doing as great as it could have, and mixed reactions regarding PoC ? I don't know.
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However it may be put out there, I hope that they release some kind of material either in this era or at least before the next album. If they had enough leftover songs that don't really fit the MX era (scenario 1), I don't see why they couldn't just release an EP separate from MX and all its themes, characters, stories, etc. I mean, as long as the band continues to make good music and release it, I'll be happy. Let's just hope we get some new songs of some sort in the near future...!


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