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MX Friendship Bracelet Patterns (Updated!)


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If anyone out there makes friendship bracelets (and they aren't just for girls, I make them too.) I made the Mylo Xyloto alphabet font for you people out there! :D

(Note: for people who understand how to use alpha patterns and the basic patterns)


MX Alphabet Font:



MX Numbers & Symbols:



And here is Part 1 & 2 of the MX symbols according to order and color from the ColdplayTour zip file available at coldplay.com :cool:


MX Symbols Part 1:



MX Symbols Part 2:

(Notes: The symbol for AHT and DLIBYH was very hard and it was all I could really come up with, 8-bit wise)



Extra MX Symbol (Moving to Mars) (Rejected):



X&Y Cover Artwork (Rejected):



I will update and make more patterns soon so yes please enjoy! :D:D

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Wooo what a great idea, thank you! I haven't been on that website for ages, I used to make a lot of bracelets when I was younger :wacky:


you're very much welcome they took forever mostly because I wanted to make very sure they look identical to the real symbols and fonts :P and right now I am making the symbols part 2 so watch out for that :)

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Well, that's pretty cool! :awesome:

I've never tried to make these bracelets, do you have a site for me with an easy explanation? :D

Thanks for posting!


Here's a link on how to make alpha patterns with ONLY two colors which means the background is one color while the font is a different color.



Anything other than two colors will be on this link.



It's the best I can find, it has diagrams and multiple videos on how to learn.

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Hey ouch

this is really great, well done

MX Alphabet Font:



any chance you could give us a video tutorial of how you do this


I posted some links above and I wasted all my string so I have none for a tutorial :\ I hope you know that you are to pick the letters you want, line them up symmetrically. Here's a photo on how that should be. Someone uploaded it :)



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Thans for that ouch, what kind of material do you use and where can you find it online


Just simply string. :) It's all over your local crafts store, and WalMart sells them on their crafts aisle. They should looks like this:



Plus there are many thicknesses of strings and stuff to make your bracelets look thick or thin. But I recommend ones that are strong and basically look like the above picture.

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^ yeah, that stuff is sometimes called embroidery floss and is the same kind of thing you would use if you were cross-stitching, so it would probably be near the cross-stitching/embroidery section of a craft store. If you were wondering where exactly to find it...

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