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Unhappy thoughts


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Sometimes I feel really sad that I have never been to a Coldplay concert before

Is that normal? :(:(

Is there anything else that makes you sad?


I feel really sad too. Beginning of the july, i decided to not to read live thread anymore. Then of course I really wondered what is going on during the concerts, so I began to read them again since this week :D

now I have a chance to see them at 22nd september in Germany.

I don't know where are you from (I'm from Turkey) but never give up :)

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Back when they announced the tour dates I made a stupid decision not to go to any of the three Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl dates, due to financial reasons. I was making a sacrifice to spend the money on a vacation with my husband which benefited both of us, rather than a show that benefited only me. Now I am sorry, though--I probably should have spent the money on both. Now going into the live threads and seeing the videos and reading all the happy reviews makes me sad. That said, it doesn't mean I hold a grudge against anyone who went to a show, and it doesn't mean I won't be able to go to a show myself. If they come back to California (not holding my breath) this tout, I am going. Next tour, I am going, no doubt about it.


So what I'm saying, is you're not alone, you will go to a show, maybe not this tour, but you will. Have faith and listen to the music and wait for the DVD to come out.

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The fact that the concert I went to is over makes me sad! : (

I do know that I'm going the next time they tour or come back to the NJ/NY area. I love them too much not to, and I'll sit in the nosebleeds if I have to.

Don't give up on your dream! Save up for your concert or ask for it for Christmas/birthday etc. My tickets were a combo Christmas/Birthday gift. :)

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