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Coldplay Changes


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Hello my dear Coldplayers.

First of all, I want to tell how much I love you, remember, we are the best fans all over the world. :))))

Now I'm interested in your opinion, how do you, Coldplayers think, has Coldplay changed their style ?

Example: the Song Princess of China with Rihanna.

is that the same style that coldplay had in the other albums ?

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It's absolutely not the same style. And while I tend to skip over PoC, I believe Chris when he says they only do what they want and that song was just something else they want to do. Chris listens to lots of different kinds of music, PoC probably came out of listening to other pop songs, and he might have thought, "hey, let's do a pop song!"

I love most of MX (HLH, UATW, UFO, DLIBYH) but I do hope for a return to the earlier sound. MX doesn't sound introspective since it's a story album, and I think that's what most of us are missing.

But I've said it before--did we really want them to make Parachutes five times in a row?

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This is just my opinion, but I don't really get the general divide between "old Coldplay" and "new Coldplay" people seem to make. From my perspective every single one of their 5 albums has a unique sound. Parachutes is primarily acoustic driven, AROBTTH is firmly in the post Brit-pop alt rock genre, X and Y has strong post punk influences and very little piano or acoustic guitar, VLVODAAHF grafts baroque pop and world music influences onto the Coldplay sound, and MX has electronic and dance pop influences.


They're actually pretty versatile IMHO.


I actually like their recent work quite a bit because they actually sound like a 4 piece band now, as opposed to their early work which I've always felt revolved a bit too much around Chris and his acoustic guitar.

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^ I agree with you 100% Of course their sound is always changing, but that is whats so great. We can always expect something new. I know people who say they do not like most of Coldplay's songs, but they love Paradise or something like that. Its as if Coldplay has a sound out there to fit everyone's music style, and how your feeling. If you are more into hip hop or pop, Princess Of China is for you, and if you just want to dance, Teardrop and Charlie Brown are perfect. If your feeling sad and down, Everything's Not Lost and Amsterdam are great! And if you are just in a good mood, then Viva La Vida is perfect. It just seems like they have a song, and a different sound that fits every situation in everyday lives.

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