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Worst Videos of 2003


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These are some of the videos that would annoy me each morning when I woke up and turned on the tele:


Good Charlotte's "Boys and Girls"

Hilary Duff's "So Yesterday"

Chingy's "Right Thurr"

Jennifer Lopez's "Baby I Love You"

P Diddy, Nelly, Murphy Lee's "Shake Ya Tailfeather"


To all these videos ... go away.


Por favor.

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THE INSULT COMIC DOG - (I forgot the name of the fucking song where they insult The White Stripes and Coldplay)

Brittany Spears and Madonna - Me against the Music, why can't she just fuck Madonna all day rather than sing!

Heeeeyaaaa - Outkast... I see that video everyhour!

Evanescence - I'm going under (they better)

Travis - That new one where their fighting and all, I just got my head straight - I hate Travis :P

Simple Plan - Perfect :snore: :snore: :snore:

Coldplay - God put a smile upon your face (it's actually an excellent video it's just that now, they're so popular and the video keeps playing every hour!) I don't hate the video though, i'm just tired of it

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agreed ... as you probably know, we're having the same problem over here ... simon cowell brought his particular brand of misery to our teles and now was have a serious of American Idols (we always have to throw "America" into everything :) ) attacking the charts.


Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken should go bye-bye.

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I like Crazy in Love! :D Not so much the video though.. :lol:


I actually think CiL is a good pop song ... not your typical pop song, but it's a lot more developed of a product that the BSpears stuff.


Of course, the industry seems to be over BSpears as a viable music artist, so comparisons to her may not longer be viable.


I also want to hear Christina Aguilera's album now ... it's not my type of music, but "The Voice Within" and "Beautiful" have been worthy of note.

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Beyonce tries to shake her arse like brazilians do... Keep dreaming... Brazilians know how to shake it really good...


She shakes it well enough ... and I don't think she's trying to shake her ass like Brazilians when she does her hop. She's tryying to get more of a bounce than a shake.

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